Allen Burner - November 21, 2020

Toldot: Generations

Eighteen years ago, Allen and Jacqueline Burner visited Staunton during a day trip and mentioned that they would really like to live there. Allen's job promotion took them to New Bern, North Carolina for a year. Returning to the Valley in 2005, Allen and Jackie lived in Bridgewater for two years. Jackie then got a lateral move to another bank branch in Staunton. Coincidence? The couple doesn't think so. Quickly buying a house and moving in 2008, they have lived in Staunton ever since. Allen says, "We truly believe G_d has a purpose and a plan for us in Staunton and He knew the desires of our hearts. Several years ago we became interested in the Messianic movement. After taking a foundational course called Hayesod, we knew in what direction God was leading us, to continue studying the Jewishness of Yeshua (Jesus). Our desire is to guide and direct others to the important life instructions and relevant to today directions found in the Torah and to unveil the shadows of the Messiah throughout His Holy scriptures." Jacqueline is a gifted teacher, currently facilitating the BZMC Torah Club while Allen enjoys leading folks into meaningful worship and sharing teaching duties during services with the other elders.

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