Lisa’s D’rash: He Has Done Great Things For Me

As I read the scripture portions this week, one verse stood out to me. It was Genesis 21:17.
The phrase “in his present situation” got my attention. That tells me that whatever my present situation is, it is always the right time. I don’t need to wait for a better time. He is ALWAYS listening. He is ALWAYS ready to answer. His answer may not come immediately.

In the Haftarah portion, we read about Adonai bringing Israel back Tziyon. And Luke 1:54-55 says “He has taken the part of His servant Isra’el, mindful of the mercy which He promises to our fathers, to Avraham and his seed forever.” Israel has been waiting a long time to be delivered from their present situation, but G-d has a perfect plan and He will bring it to completion.

Let me tell you about a “present situation” from a few weeks ago. We were on vacation. Having a great time. Probably the best time we have ever had on vacation. And then my husband didn’t do something I thought he should have done. And I let my mind dwell on it. And I lost my peace. After about an hour, I prayed and said I want my peace back. Please show me how to get my peace back. About half an hour to an hour later, G-d reminded me of something a friend had shared on Facebook. And I realized right away that I had lost my peace because the thoughts I was dwelling on were the enemy’s thoughts. I allowed his thoughts to be in my mind and it took my peace. As soon as I realized that, I was able to let those thoughts go. And my peace returned.

What G-d taught me through that is that if there is an area of my life where I don’t have peace, it’s because I haven’t made the Prince of Peace L-rd over that area of my life.

Shabbat Shalom.