Garrett Snider - December 19, 2020

Judging Righteously

Garrett Snider was born in Waynesboro Virginia and raised by a loving Yeshua centered family. He has been involved in the Messianic movement since Passover of 2006, studying the origins of faith, how the Messiah lived, and how the bible perfectly connects from start to finish. He enjoys blessing others by sharing what he has learned while pursuing a life of continued discipleship and study. Garrett also serves as the Cantorial Soloist for our congregation Six years before this congregation formed, Hashem placed on Garrett’s heart a strong desire to form, here in the Shenandoah Valley, a place where Jewish people could worship together, while maintaining their Jewish identity. After a trip to Israel in 2018, his connection and love for the Jewish people deepened. Several months later, his prayers were answered and Hashem lead Garrett to others in the valley who shared this same strong heart for the Jewish people and love of G_d's Word. These meetings at the Burners house for Torah study were the beginnings of BZMC. Garrett enjoys studying the Torah and how the Tanakh connects to the Brit Chadesha (New Testament), He also enjoys Davidic dance and song, singing, learning biblical Hebrew, and teaching. "I want everyone who comes in the door to be changed, meeting with G_d and experiencing His presence, His love, His Word, and His power to transform lives. For the Messiah of Israel and redeemer of the world, Yeshua, to be known and for Jewish people to see a Jewish expression of worship in our services while being a place they can continue living a fully Jewish life with Yeshua " Garrett’s wife Esther enjoys teaching Davidic dance to the congregation and has been dancing since childhood. She has been supporting the needs of the ministry by organizing the Oneg meals and ordering supplies when needed. Esther has a real passion for writing and sharing good stories with friends and family and has finished as a finalist in several writing competitions. She enjoys spending time with animals and being able to go visit the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains close to their house.

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