One day I was listening to Surrounded by Michael W. Smith. “It may look like I’m surrounded, but I’m surrounded by You.” As I was thinking about that line, and Adonai Himself creating a boundary around me, I started thinking about other boundaries.

In Psalms 16:6 we read “The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; indeed, I have a beautiful inheritance.” ESV.

In this verse, I think of property lines; the boundary around the property. I imagine that there is a good area to build a house, a good area for growing food,  a good area to graze animals, and a good source of fresh water. So these are some examples of boundaries.

I believe that there is another type of boundary. One that G-d places around us and that we live our life within. That there is a limit to what our adversary can do to us. The story of Job gives us a glimpse of this. We see that there was a boundary that could not be crossed.  In our Torah portion, we read about Miriam and Aaron. They were jealous of Moses. He had different boundaries than they did in his relationship with Adonai and they didn’t like it. They wanted their boundaries to be the same as his. G-d had something to say about that. 

He has placed us within the boundaries that are appropriate for us; and complaining about it, or being jealous of someone else’s boundaries displeases Him. Psalms 139:5-6 CJB “You have hemmed me in both behind and in front and laid your hand on me. Such wonderful knowledge is beyond me, far too high for me to reach.”